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Hi! My name is Dipti Siddamsettiwar.

I am currently working as a User Experience Designer at Splunk.

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I have been working as a User Experience Designer at Splunk, solving complex problems by using strategic and system level thinking to design simple and intuitive products. I enjoy the process of translating complex ideas into easy to use experiences. In the past I have been fortunate to work with some ambitious product startups, and also had the opportunity to work with some of my design heroes. 

Before transitioning into Product Design, I worked as an Architect with some of the leading Architectural firms in India, working on projects based in United States and India. While working as an Architect I felt that I wanted to make a bigger impact and find ways to communicate my ideas, not just limited to architecture. I was interested in understanding the human interaction with spaces and how I can use Design and Technology to create engaging human experiences and solve problems on a larger scale. This led me to pursuing my masters degree in Communications Design, and later working as a Product Designer.  


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